A selection of tutorials covering the basics of Collaborate from a moderators point of view.

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Overview for Moderators

Overview of what you need to know as a participant in a Collaborate session.

Getting Started for Moderators

A quick reference guide for moderators.

Essentials for Moderators

Collaborate have provided an Essentials Guide that will take you through the most widely used features of the system.

Moderator’s Guide

A guide for Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing Moderators. Moderators are session participants with a heightened level of permissions when interacting in the Blackboard Collaborate session. They can change Content modes, grant and remove permissions from Participants, and move Participants to breakout rooms.

Accessibility Guide

This guide is written for Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing users with visual, auditory or motor disabilities. It describes the accessibility features intended for these users in the desktop version of Blackboard Collaborate.

Using Telephony for Moderators

The Telephony feature in Blackboard Collaborate enables you to conduct your audio communications with other session attendees via a combination of VoIP (microphone and speakers) or telephone conferencing, while continuing to use your computer for all other session features or to just participate in the audio portion of the meeting.

Android Mobile Session Management Tips for Moderators

The Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app enables users to connect to their sessions on mobile devices, whether phones or tablets.

iOS Mobile Session Management Tips for Moderators

Blackboard Collaborate mobile web conferencing allows users of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing to connect to their sessions on the Apple iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone devices.

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