Generating a link for external participants

The invited guest link that is sent via email to external guests to access the session no longer works after session edit and saving changes. External invites are removed from the list after making any changes on the session. If you re-invite this person again after the removal, it will generate a new invitee guest Continue Reading…

It is possible to allow participants to join a Collaborate session who do not have access to Blackboard. It is best to do this at time of scheduling the session but it can be done retrospectively by editing a previously created session.

allows_guests_ONBy switching the Allow Guests option ON when scheduling a session, you can generate a link that can then be distributed in any method suitable to your use.

Once you have completed the scheduling process a green box will appear at the top of the Scheduler Tool that contains the link.


If you require the link at a later date it can be obtained from the context menu for the session you have just scheduled.

  • Select the downward chevron icon at the end of the session title.
  • Then Invite Guests.


A box will appear containing the link.


You may also send an invite to a guest from this screen by individually entering an invitees’ email address and selecting Add. This will populate the list of invitees who will then be sent an email with a link that will allow them to enter the session.

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