Linking to a session, room or recording

There are 2 ways in which you can give your students access to scheduled sessions, the course room, my room or recordings. The belt and braces approach would be to use both of these methods.

Linking to the Collaborate Course Tool

This method is the most widely used and once completed once you do not have to remember to add any more links in future.

  1. tool_linkRoll over the + symbol in the top left of the course menu and select Tool Link.
  2. tool_link2Select Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager from the Type drop menu and fill out the Name field. We suggest something like Collaborate Sessions. Tick Available to users.
  3. A new link will appear in the Course Menu. Clicking this link will take you to the Collaborate Scheduling Manager.
    Depending upon which rooms have been enabled the Course Room and My Rooms are listed at the top of the page.
    By default all scheduled sessions due to start in the next 30 days will be displayed below. Change the date range as applicable.
    To see recordings click Recordings and change the date arrange as applicable. By default recordings made in the last 30 days will be displayed.

Linking to a specific session, room or recording

This method shows you how to add a link in a content area allowing the session/recording to be properly contextualised with other course materials.

  1. collaborate_course_toolsBrowse to the course tool by clicking Blackboard Collaborate under Course Tools in the Control Panel.
    Note If you have added the course tool to the course menu you can also click that link.
  2. To link to a session or recording roll over the appropriate name and click the downward pointing chevron button. Select Add Link.addlinkTo link to a room select the Add Link link under the appropriate room. addroomlink
  3. From the Add link screen Name the Link and select the Course Area that you wish to add the link to. Additionally change any of the details or date restrictions (accessible from the expanding boxes) as applicable. Click Save.

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