Setting Audio Output

Collaborate Ultra uses the default output sound device setting for your computer. You are not able to adjust this setting from the Collaborate Ultra system itself.

Please note that the microphone input setting is adjusted in the Ultra system.

In many cases even if you have a USB headset plugged in, it will not be the default sound device. The default is likely to be the onboard sound card of your computer. We would advise that you change this setting. Please follow the steps below.

  1. First, make sure that your headset is plugged in.
  2. Click the Start button [1] in Windows7 or Windows 10 and click into the search bar [2].
  3. Type sound into the search bar [1] and from the results that appear above select Sound from the Control Panel [2].
  4. This will open the sound device panel. You can see that the Default Device in this example is set to Speakers.
  5. To change this select the device that you wish to change it to. In this case the Headset Earphone [1]. Then click Set Default [2].
  6. You can now see that the default device has changed.


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