If your module has regular Collaborate Ultra sessions, your lecturer will have a link to the Collaborate scheduler in your Blackboard course.

Supported browsers

For the best experience, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

You can read more information on supported browsers on Blackboard’s help site.

Join a session

You can find the link Collaborate Ultra in the menu, on the left hand side of your Blackboard course. Click this link to view your upcoming sessions.

This may be named something like Collaborate Sessions, Online Lectures, Webinars etc.

If you can see the session listed on the page, click the name of the session to join it.

If your instructor has told you to join the course room, rather than an individual session, you can do so by clicking the Join Room button at the top of the screen.

Find your way around

Blackboard’s help site has more information about finding your way around a session.


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