Working With Breakout Groups

Breakout Groups can be accessed from the Share Content panel.

Attendees can be moved from the main room into one of the Breakout Group rooms by dragging and dropping their name on the Breakout Group panel into the Group you want them to join.

To create a new group, simply click the plus button underneath any group entry:

Groups are named numerically and sequentially as they are added (even if you don’t click the button directly below the last group). They can be renamed to something more appropriate for your use by clicking on the group name and typing in the text box.

To view a group, drag your own name into the group you wish to move to.

Students receive the Presenter role when in a Breakout Group room. This gives them the ability to use all of the share content tools to enable them to complete group activities.

Whiteboard content cannot be shared back into the main room so it might be wise to create a screenshot of each group before returning to the main room.