Collaborate Original will be switched off in August 2020

The Collaborate Original Launcher is dependent on a version of Java which will no longer receive support after 2020. As such, Blackboard will switch off Collaborate Original on August 1 2020.

Collaborate Original sessions look like this:

An example session hosted in Collaborate Original.


Collaborate Ultra will not be affected by the shutdown of Collaborate Original.


Links to Recordings, either inside Blackboard Courses or guest links, will stop working on 1 January 2021.

If you will need access to any of these recordings after this date, you need to ensure you do the following:

  • Convert each recording you require to MP4
  • When the conversion is complete, download the MP4

You can then upload them to Aston Replay and add them to your Blackboard course.

Contact the Technology-Enhanced Learning team for more help on how to do this.

Collaborate Ultra

If you are still using Original, reach out to the Technology-Enhanced Learning team for help on moving your webinar sessions over to Collaborate Ultra.

More information

You can read more on Behind the Blackboard…

… or contact the Technology-Enhanced Learning Team.



This post was edited on 27 February 2020. Previous communication from Blackboard suggested that recordings would cease to work on 1 August 2020.