Conduct and behaviour in online learning

The safety and wellbeing of students and staff is the top priority at Aston.

You should experience challenge through your learning but also feel safe in your studies. Should you ever need further help or support, you can speak to your Personal Tutor or contact Student Services – details of which are available in every module area in Blackboard. Key Student Support Services can also be found here: and

It is important to note the Student Code of Conduct and the responsibility we all share in terms of mutual respect and maintaining a safe academic community. Breach of this code can have serious implications and it applies both to on campus and online activity including social media. Your Tutors will work with you to ensure there is a shared understanding of expected behaviours and conduct.

Racist, sexist, obscene, discriminatory or threatening actions or behaviour are never appropriate and you should not hesitate to report this if you encounter it.

You can always raise this in the first instance with a relevant member of Academic Staff such as your Module Tutor, Personal Tutor or Programme Director. Concerns will always be treated seriously. Should you ever feel you need to make a more formal complaint, details of procedures can be found here:

Here are some simple dos and don’ts about your contributions to sessions in Collaborate Ultra or other online meetings:


  • take an active part in any discussions (voice or chat)
  • post questions or comments about the taught topic in chat
  • raise you hand if you wish to speak (and activate your microphone)
  • mute your microphone after you finish speaking
  • be professional and polite – this isn’t social media
  • criticise ideas but never the person


  • post irrelevant, trivial or rude comments in chat
  • speak over someone else by activating your microphone
  • say anything you wouldn’t say face-to-face with your tutor

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