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When trying to share a PowerPoint file, clicking on Share Now results in an error. Cause This occurs when the user does not have PowerPoint installed on the computer they are using. Workarounds There are three workarounds for this: 1) Use Mozilla Firefox This affects Chromium browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Mozilla Firefox Continue Reading…

There are several ways to share content with your attendees

Using the File Sharing – this method is quicker but does cannot display your animation or transitions. The example used is PowerPoint but this can be used with other file formats such as PDFs. Files can also be shared with the breakout groups,

Using Application Sharing to share the active window of any current running application on your machine.

Using the Whiteboard to quickly write simple notes or equations on the screen and share it with your students.

Share your files

macOS users

If you are running macOS, you may be prompted to will be sharing your screen during the session, you need to be aware of things specific to your platform

Security settings

You need to give your browser permission to Record your screen in order for you to share your screen in a Collaborate session.

  1. In your menu bar, click the Apple icon then System Preferences
  2. Click Security & Privacy
  3. Scroll down the list on the left of the window, and click Screen Recording
  4. On the right hand side, make sure there’s a tick in the box next to the browser(s) you will be using Collaborate in
  5. You will be prompted to quit your browser. Make sure you don’t need to save anything in your open tabs, then click Quit Now

Can’t share screen audio

On macOS, you are unable to share your screen and include the system audio. If you want to show materials including audio, you will need to view these in a Chrome tab and share the tab to the session.


If you would like some help with Collaborate, contact the TEL team

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