Invite Non University participants

You can invite people to join your Collaborate session if they are not a member of Aston University and do not have a Blackboard login.

  1. List of scheduled Collaborate sessionsOnce you have scheduled your Collaborate session you will see a list of all your scheduled sessions.
    • Click on the title of the session that you wish to circulate and the session details will appear.
  2. Details of the selected Collaborate sessionEnsure the Guest access box is ticked and Collaborate will offer you a Guest role and a Guest link.
    • The Guest role will determine what role the participant will have when they join the session.
    • All guests joining via the link will have the same role, you pre-determine one to be a presenter and another a participant.
    • The Guest role can be changed at any point prior to the meeting and will not affect the link.
  3. Copy the Guest link , you can now email this link to those who do not have a Blackboard log in.
    • The double box to the right of the link will copy the link for you.
    • To join, guests click on the link and will be directed into the session.
Note, there is a setting to allow participants to dial in via telephone number into your session. Please be aware that this number is based in the US and students can easily incur large call costs without being aware.

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