Collaborate Plan

Plan is a standard alone piece of software that allows you to package content and activities to use in your real-time sessions. As this is done before the session it can help stream line the live session and allow you to concentrate on presenting rather than “which button to click next”.

The drag and drop interface allows you to script events that you simply trigger during the session using the “Next” button. Any actions that you can perform during the session can be scripted, such as:

  • Next slide
  • Load movie clip
  • Start poll
  • Launch web tour

Other advantages of using Plan:

  • Convert power points ahead of time
  • Pre-load content
  • Build a library of resources to get the most from your content
  • Share Plans between colleagues and help promote consistent delivery


Launch View a quick demo of it use.

How do I use it?


Please contact to request installation.


While many of the elements are simple and intuitive to use some are not and we feel you will get the most from it by having one of the team give you some training.

Please contact to arrange a one to one session.

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