Converting a recording to an MP3/MP4

Instructors and Teaching Assistants can convert recordings of Collaborate sessions into an MP3 audio file and MP4 video file. This is done directly from the building block in Blackboard.

  1. Browse to the Collaborate scheduler page in Blackboard.
  2. Select the Recordings tab and then check the date range that is being displayed.
  3. In the far right columns named MP3 and MP4 are links named Convert. Simply click the link for the corresponding file type in the row for the recording you want to convert.
  4. After clicking the link the page will refresh and a green confirmation box appears above the list of recordings informing you that the process has started. Additionally the link text will change to say “Converting”.
  5. Once the conversion has taken place (this may take 24 hours) a new play icon appears in the relevant column.
  6. When a student clicks the icon they are taken to an embedded player that will allow them to either stream the content or download the file.

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