Engaging with online webinars

Key guidance about preparing for online teaching activities and information about what to expect.

Webinars are normally supporting using Class Collaborate and accessed via Blackboard Course areas. In all cases you will find detailed information about timetabled online activities in related Course areas of Blackboard and should refer to guidance provided by your Programme Director and College. Timetables, indicating the type of teaching activity and where this takes place, can be accessed via MAP.

Webinars can sometimes involve large numbers of participants and will typically include active opportunities for direct interaction and discussion with fellow students and academic staff. This may involve sharing video, audio, and/or posting questions and comments in chat.

A key feature of Collaborate webinars is the use of breakout groups. These involve being allocated to a discussion group away from the main webinar session in order to complete a specific task or engage with a discussion topic in a smaller group. Clear instructions should be given for all learning activities but student participation with these activities is key to their success. We realise it can be daunting speaking to students you may not have met in person, but getting actively involved is an important way of developing new connections in your learning and with each other.

Active participation in learning activities is encouraged for all students but we recognise that this can be challenging, especially when studying online. If you need additional help or support to engage fully with your studies, please contact your Personal Tutor.

Below is an example of how you can use Office365 during a webinar to help facilitate your group work sessions.