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When joining a Collaborate session using Safari 14 on macOS, you will initially struggle to hear what’s said. Blackboard are aware and working on a fix. Until one has been released, you will need to use Google Chrome or another supported browser.

Make sure you’re using a supported browser

For the best experience, use the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You can read more information on supported browsers on Blackboard’s help site.

Note that if you are using an Aston computer, you may not be running the latest version of a web browser. If you run into any difficulties in a session, it may be for this reason.

Check your cookie settings

If your browser blocks third party cookies, you will not be able to join Collaborate sessions or view the scheduler – you will see a black window with a spinning purple circle.

On browsers that allow you to enable third party cookies on selective sites, you need to allow them for:



  • Google Chrome – see the section on allowing cookies for a specific site.

Test session

As some modules schedule Collaborate sessions, you may find that you’re unable to check in advance that you can successfully join a session. Join Aston’s test room.

Join a session

You can find the link to Collaborate in the menu, on the left hand side of your Blackboard course. Click this link to view your upcoming sessions.

This may be named something like Collaborate Sessions, Online Lectures, Webinars etc.

If you can see the session listed on the page, click the name of the session to join it.

If your instructor has told you to join the course room, rather than an individual session, you can do so by clicking the Join Room button at the top of the screen.

Are you having problems joining a session?

Read our troubleshooting guide.

Find your way around

Blackboard’s help site has more information about finding your way around a session.


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