What is Collaborate?

Collaborate allows lecturers to schedule synchronous virtual classroom and webinar sessions. There are a number of tools for moderators such as a virtual white board, screen sharing, web tours and polling. Participants can communicate through text chat, as well as using a microphone or web cam when permitted. It can be very useful in distance learning as well as when using a blended approach. Aston has integrated Collaborate with Blackboard to allow for easy scheduling of sessions as well as convenient user management.

virtual classroom-colaborate_0Benefits:

  • record, share, and reflect on previous sessions
  • greater real time student interactions
  • ability to give and receive feedback using video or audio
  • delivery formats can vary from the formal “presentation” (webinar) format, to the more interactive virtual classroom
  • secure environment closed to participants only
  • Invite guest speakers/lectures from around the globe to present/participate
  • full integration with Blackboard offers a local or global virtual classrooms
  • reduces carbon footprint
  • add rich media and web tours to any presentation
  • offer virtual tutorials and support to remote locations
  • enable students to present to peers and lecturers

Collaborate sessions can be accessed using an iPhone or iPad.

How do I use it?

For Students

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For Instructors

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Where can I get help?


Your first point of contact should be your lecturer.

If you’re having technical problems with Blackboard email telsupport@aston.ac.uk.


For one to one help and to discuss any training requirements email telsupport@aston.ac.uk.

If you are experiencing technical problems email telsupport@aston.ac.uk.

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