Invite non-university participants

You can invite people to join your Collaborate session if they are not enrolled on your module, or, if they are not a member of Aston University.

These people will join via a guest link that you set up in your meeting settings and then send out to your guests.

  1. As you create your Collaborate session tick the box to allow Guest access.
  2. Now choose the Guest role  Рparticipant, presenter or moderator Рthis determines the role that everyone joining via the guest link will have as they enter the session.
    • All guests joining via the guest link will have the same role, you cannot pre-determine one guest to have one role and another guest to have another. If different guests require different roles then you can update their role individually once they have joined the session.
    • Once the guest link has been created you can make changes to any of your session settings and the text of the guest link will not be affected.
    • If you change the Guest role in your session settings during the live session this will immediately impact on those subsequently joining via that guest link – even if you do not save the settings.
  3. Click Create to create the session and save the settings.
  4. The guest link will now become available. You can copy the guest link by clicking on the square.

Please note that if a student accesses a Collaborate session via the Guest link, they will not be officially recorded as attending the session – Collaborate cannot reconcile the student’s true Blackboard account from a guest credential. To guarantee that a student has their attendance recorded on a session, ensure that your students join the Collaborate session via your Blackboard Learn course, instead.


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