Find the recording of your Collaborate session

Recorded Collaborate sessions are accessed from the same area in Blackboard as the live sessions.


  1. Go to Collaborate Webinars in the left-hand menu of your module.
  2. Click the ‘hamburger’ icon at the top left of the page to open the options.
  3. You can switch between the list of live sessions and the list of recordings by clicking on the appropriate menu item here.
  4. Recordings are listed chronologically with the most recent at the top of the page and are named by the name of the session and with an additional number if there were multiple recordings made during the session.
  5. If the recording you are looking for is older than one month it may not appear in the “Recent Recordings” list.

    To see older recordings:
    A – Select Recordings in a Range from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the recordings list.
    B – Change the date range that has now appeared in the top left corner of the list.

  6. Recordings make take a few minutes to appear in the list at the end of a session depending on the current load on the servers. If your session does not appear, check back later.
  7. Download opion for recorded sessinos From the Recording Options menu you will be able to either watch the video within Blackboard or you may be able to download it.