Schedule a Session

If you’re working in a 2020 course, the Collaborate Ultra tool has already been added to your course menu. If you’re working in an older course, or have accidentally deleted the Collaborate course tool from the menu, follow these steps before continuing.

Collaborate sessions support a maximum of 250 participants. You can enable the large scale mode which will support 500 participants, but will sacrifice some of the features available to you as a moderator.

  1. Click Create Session
  2. ultra-session-nameAt the top of the sidebar that has appeared, enter a meaningful name for your session
  3. Guest access is switched off by default. If you would like to enable it, tick the box to choose guest roles and get a link. There is more detailed information about guest access to Collaborate sessions on Blackboard’s help site.
    If you send a guest link to a student, they will not be recorded as attending the session when they join.
    • Set the start date & time as the time the session will begin. Use the Early Entry option to let students into the room prior to the start
  4. Click on the session settings tab
  5. Amend the session settings as required. There’s more detailed information on session settings on Blackboard’s help site, including enabling the large scale session mode to allow up to 500 attendees.
  6. Click Save

The session is created, and will appear in the session list. You can edit the session via the menu shown when you click the ultra-dropdown ellipsis icon.