Using Application Sharing

Note that while this example uses PowerPoint, you can share any currently running application on your machine for example MatLab or Excel.

Prepare your PowerPoint presentation in advance

  1. NoneOpen your presentation in PowerPoint, go to the Slide Show tab and open the Set up Slide Show menu.
  2. In theNone Show Type menu tick Browse by an Individual (Window) and click Ok.

When you are ready to start sharing your PowerPoint

  1. NoneIn your Collaborate session, open the Collaborate Panel.
  2. NoneGo to the Share Content panel and select Share Application/Screen.
  3. NoneChange your Sharing option to Application window.
  4. NoneSelect your PowerPoint thumbnail and click Share. The attendees are now able to see your presentation.
    Note: If the application is minimised it won’t appear in this list.
  5. Now go to your presentation and set it to Presentation mode.
  6. NoneYour presentation will open in presentation view but a separate window that you are be able to manoeuver around your screen. Your Collaborate session is still accessible to you even though you are in presentation mode.
  7. You are now ready to start presenting.
  8. During your presentation you can switch between the presentation and the Collaborate meeting as required. As you change your view, the participants will only see the presentation.
  9. To end the slide show click the Stop sharing icon.

If you would like some help with using Collaborate, contact the TEL Team.

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