Collaborate v20.22

Collaborate will be upgraded to v20.22 on 10 December 2020, featuring improvements to two areas.

Large sessions/webinar mode

Currently, enabling webinar mode allows you to have 500 individuals in a session. After the upgrade, this will increase to 1,000 people.

Limitations will still apply:

  • Webinar sessions can’t be longer than 24 hours in length
  • Guests must be assigned the participant role
  • Participant permissions are turned off
  • Breakout groups aren’t available



Attendees can tag someone in the chat when they mention them. Anyone tagged is notified so they don’t miss it.

To tag someone, type the at (@) symbol and start typing the person’s name, then select them from the list.

Moderators are identified with a MOD label so they are easy to find.

Message formatting

An updated text editor will now allow moderators and participants to format messages with some basic styles.

More information

More detailed Release Notes are available from Blackboard.