Moving to European hosting – add a link to recordings made before the switchover

After the switchover on 1 September, you will no longer be able to access existing recordings. We’ve added a Blackboard Course Tool to allow you to restore access.

This is the third post in a series detailing Aston’s move from hosting Blackboard Collaborate in Canada to Europe. You can read more about the move on the previous post.

The new tool points to our Canadian hosting, allowing Instructors and Students to view recordings made prior to switchover.


  1. Go the Blackboard course you want to add the link to
  2. Click the Add Menu Item button, located at the top of the Course Menu
  3. Click Tool Link
    • Name the tool link. We suggest Collaborate Legacy Recordings
    • From the Type drop down, select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Legacy)
    • Tick the box to make the tool link Available to Users
    • Click Submit
  4. Move the new tool link so that it appears underneath the Collaborate Webinars link in the course menu.

Clicking this menu item will take Instructors and Students to recordings made in Canada for this Blackboard Course, i.e. recordings made prior to switchover.

Sessions created on Canada will still be listed here

Shortly after the switchover date, you will be unable to join sessions on the Canadian hosting; This tool should not be used to get access to scheduled sessions there.

Sessions need to be recreated on the new hosting after switchover.