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macOS High Sierra users moderating Collaborate Original sessions are unable to load PowerPoint slides onto the whiteboard. Any attempt to load slides result in an error: Workaround Export the presentation slides as images, and load those into the Whiteboard. This is a common workaround for issues when loading slides onto the Whiteboard, you can see Continue Reading…


When you upload a PowerPoint to a classic Collaborate session on a Mac using Office 2016, you will be asked to grant file access: This is legimate, and is as a result of Microsoft tightening up the security of Office on the Mac. You will need to click Select in order to load your PowerPoint into Continue Reading…



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Occasionally, you may find that clicking Load Content fails when trying to add content to the whiteboard.

This can be as a result of PowerPoint already being open, in which case you’ll be prompted to close it and click Load Content again.

In more rare occasions, loading content will fail without any hint as to why. If this is the case, you can still load the content into the Whiteboard by exporting your presentation as a series of images, and loading those into the Whiteboard instead.

Export your presentation


  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Click the File menu, then click Export
  3. Choose a name for the export, and choose a directory where you can easily find it (eg your Desktop)
  4. Change the File to JPEG or PNG
  5. Change the Width to 1024 – otherwise your slides won’t fill the full width of the whiteboard
  6. Click Export.
  7. You will be shown a confirmation telling you that the export has finished, and where it was saved to. Click OK
  8. Follow the instructions, below, to load the images into PowerPoint.


  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Click File then Save As
  3. Change the File type to JPEG or PNG and save it somewhere you can find it (e.g. the desktop)
  4. Click All Slides. This will save your images into the directory you specified.

Load the images into PowerPoint

If you have more than ten slides, and are using Windows, watch out for the order of the slides you import.

PowerPoint for Windows exports the files in a way which will result in an incorrect order when you load them into Collaborate. Instead of slide one, two, three etc, you will end up with slide one, 10, 11, two, three, four etc.

You can prevent this from happening by loading the slides in batches of no more than 10 (eg slides one to nine first, then 10 to 19, 20 to 29, etc etc), or load them all in one go and rearrange them afterwards.

  1. Click Load Content and browse to the folder where you have your images.
  2. Select the files you want to import. Either:
    • Select them all by pressing Control + A on Windows, Command + A on macOS
    • Select no more than ten if you are avoiding the problem with ordering.
  3. Click Load and Import Images as Individual Pages.
  4. The Page explore then opens, showing you the slides you’ve imported.
  5. If you’re going to import another batch of slides, the system will slot them between slides 1 and 2, which is not very helpful. You want slides 10-19 slotting in after your last imported slide, so double click on it in the Page Explorer to navigate to it, then load your next batch of slides, and so on.

Reorder slides, if required

In the Page Explorer, click and drag Page 2 which contains slide 10 down to the bottom of the list and you have your proper sequence back.

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