Course Room/My Room

Course Room

The course room is a default room that is “always on” and lasts for the duration of the course. It can be used for a number of of different purposes.

  • A virtual common room to allow your students to have synchronous communication and online collaboration.
  • To run drop in sessions for the users of a specific module.

Please note: If you wish to use this feature as “virtual common room” for your students to use unsupervised you will have to edit the room settings and switch on “All Permissions”. If you do not then students will not be able to use any of the tools rending the room useless.
Additionally we strongly suggest that you make the change the Recording Mode setting to “Disabled”.

My Room

My Room is a default room that is “always on” and lasts while the instructor has an account within the Blackboard system. The session name defaults to the instructor name and is intended as a “virtual office” to provide office hours or help to users across all courses taught by the instructor. Any student from any module (that has the tool enabled) can join this room at any time.


Enabling the Course Room/My Room

  1. Under the control panel (on the left hand side of module pages), click Customisation then Tool Availability
  2. enable_new_roomsScroll down to the Blackboard Collaborate settings. To enable the relevant additional Room tick the appropriate box.
  3. newroomsGo back to the Collaborate Scheduler Tool page and you will see links to the new rooms at the top of the page.Important Please note that if your Course is set to unavailable the link won’t appear until you make your course available.

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